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Angelot en rouge

we aRe from the saME place, sPlit in rEd and piNk.
we weRe alWays pLaying togEtHer tilL you diSapperEd.
i knOw that you heAr mE but i simply miSs the teXture of yoU.
i hEard yesteRday that yoU are baCk, appeAring in the caFe betwEen 1st & 2nd aVe.
i aLmost mAde it but by mistaKE, i opeNed my left eYe.
i haVe to stARt over agaiN.
aM i still on the waY ?
aS long as yoU ’Re smiliNg..., shOuld bE ok.

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