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Dosage n°2 / 2007

(JPG) The multifaceted musical project dosage was formed in n.y.c. in 1998, with Buz (drummer), Yutaka Kawana (guitars), and Sayoko Paris (vocals, bass). Their first album was released on Tzadik Records by John Zorn n.y.c. 2000 (title : empties)

Then dosage moves on to the second part of their work, influenced by their own destiny of life and different dimension of art ( dosage n°2 ). Sayoko expresses her source into the composition and it’s finalized through valuable collaborations with original drummer Buz, guitarist Satoru Ito as well as guest musicians Estelle Goldfarb / violin, Atsushi Numata / scratch, Paul Alexandre / sax, Dylan Fitzgerald / viola.

Currently working on their 2nd album with recording engineer and art director Stephane S. who has numerous musical culture behind, adding richness and sensibility to the sound.

Images are created by contemporary artist Yoshiaki Takao..

4 titles are available at

title : mutant, green, faux, black tear

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