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Dosage / Sur_Electronique


Dosage new album now available at Cd-Baby.

title : Sur_Electronique

line up _ _ _

Buz : drums
Satoru Ito : guitars
Nekohana : samples
Sayoko : vocals, bass, piano, synthe, programming

Atsushi Numata : scratch
Stephane S. : samples
Estelle Goldfarb : violin
Paul Alexandre : sax, clarinet bass
Dylan Fitzgerald : viola

recorded by Stephane S. at La Cour des Contes, Paris and N.Y.C.
mixed by Paul Kendall
mastered by Norscq

songs written and composed by Sayoko
produced by Sayoko and Stephane S.

art director : Stephane S.
cover images : Jörg, Yoshiaki Takao, Videogramo

 :: story of dosage ::


SAYOKO interviewed by Diane Pernet may 2008

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last week I had a call from my friend Sayoko that David Lynch was in town. She wanted to know if I could meet her Divan du Monde where there was a private party for him. I couldn’t go but she could but...the party was very strict however the door person gave Sayoko 3 places that David Lynch would be signing his new book "mon histoire vraie". Still I was unfortunately not able to join her. The first book signing she went to was the Champs Elysee Drugstore on Tuesday, Sayoko went alone, there were about 40 - 50 people holding their copies of his book on Transcendental Mediation. Sayoko waited in line, heart a patter and first she presented his book to David Lynch to sign, he signed and then she handed him her cd and said this is for you it is my music. “I was super super shy and could not say more than that.” He gave her a big handshake and passed to the next person. He spoke about meditation for a while. “I went outside to take air and then I came back to finish listening to what he had to say and stayed till he finished and I left.” Next day first book signing was in Bastille, Sayoko didn’t go. Later that same day David Lynch was at la Hune. Sayoko arrived with her husband ; Stephane there was not much of a line. There were only a few people in front of her and when it came to her turn she handed David Lynch her book again, this time she offered the back cover. “I came back for another one.” He said,fantastic. He signed it and I almost said I love you, it was not 
what I wanted to say but I said, “I love your work.” We had a nice strong handshake and it was very nice meeting him again.“This is the first time that I ever did something like that in my life.”

DP : Why was it so important for you to meet David Lynch ?
SP : I have my darkness in music and I can relate it to his darkness. His darkness is very seductive and beautiful and his images stay with me and I am very attracted maybe in a way he influences me. I only see his films one time but they have such a strong impact I have no need to see them again. The first time in New York in the late 80’s or early 90’s a friend took me to see Eraserhead, Elephant Man and Blue Velvet, I don’t remember the order. At that point I had no idea who David Lynch was. I had just moved to New York from Tokyo.
DP : What was your first impression ?
SP : It is almost like a forbidden universe or atmosphere. It was forbidden to enter but I entered it by accident and it was shocking but at the same time very seductive and it was a world that I’d never knew existed. I was just in shock and knocked out. The dark atmosphere overcame me. Like Blue Velvet. Who is this man what is he about. I was young too and quite shocked.
DP : Do you think that his world had an influence on your music ?
SP : It stimulated the darkness that I had myself. I think I always had this darkness and maybe this made it come out and stimulated it. I thought that my darkness was something that needed to be hidden when I met an artist like him I understood that it could be exposed. The whole thing about NYC was about transformation and how to express yourself as who you are. To meet his work as a first shock it started to break down my wall because the way I grew up in Japan was very limited and I felt that I could not be myself I had to hide things and pretend. If I was in Japan I could never express my dark side as something that was permitted. I thought that it was something that I had to hide. It was the beginning of my NYC life that I saw this and then I started to find my own music and express the way that I feel and what I have inside and trying to transform that into music and not limited by what is expected of me.
DP : What have your other influences been ?
SP : There are a lot of film directors but if I have to choose the major influencers I would say Fellini and David Lynch and the musician John Zorn and the artist that created a revolution in comics and animation and has been called “The Father of Manga”, Osamu Tezuka. Also Katsuhiro Otomo who wrote Akira and Genma taisen. i discovered balkan music by Stephane who is the co- producer of my album, he is also my husband and my muse. The mp3 below, "robe de gène " is one of the first songs we worked on together.The
song is about " love in a gene ...inherit " 

DP : How would you define your music at that period and how it has evolved ?
SP : I spent some time not making any music in New York. I started to get into dance. I had classic music training from five years old to seventeen and I had to forget about that classic training. It was not a conscious choice but that is what happened and I really wanted to make music again.
DP : What kind of dance were you doing ?

SP : It was African contemporary dance with strong rhythm and Haitian.
DP : That’s pretty dark.

SP : Yes, but very spiritual dance. DP : Then what the turning point back to music ?

SP : The dance eventually brought me back to the music again.
DP : Your music has changed since I’ve known you over the past 7 years how would you define that change ?
SP : It was in Paris that I started to collaborate with electronic musicians. I was frustrated having to wait on other people and then I learned programming and the tools that I needed in order to compose by myself and to be totally independent. That was the biggest change. This album is the first time that I’m responsible for the composition. Before it was just giving the bass line and melody of songs but the rest was other people now it is completely my own identity.
DP : Did you meet other musicians in New York that you teamed up with ?
SP : One of the longest music relationships was a drummer that I met in 1995.
DP : Are you still in touch with him ?

SP : Yes, he is the drummer on my new album. He has always been the drummer for me.
DP : What is his name and what is the name of your new album ?
SP : Buz and the album is called Sur_electronique. Our project is called Dosage.
DP : What does Dosage mean to you
SP : When you take too much it kills you. I like it just before the fall and you know when you take too much it is an over dose and you fall and I’m looking for the beauty existing just before the overdose.i’m trying to find the balance. It is the symbiosis of two polar opposites, which is the balance between human performance and electronic, I like the contrast and the way one feeds the other. Sur_electronic has been in my mind for the past couple of years. It was my concept to work on this album. In this world everything is becoming systematic and everyone is becoming like robots and in a way computer and electronics might be making the emotions grow and become more human, don’t you think ?
DP : Who is Paul Kendall ?
SP : He is the sound artist ; he mixed the entire album with the exception of two instrumentals. Paul Kendall was the mixing engineer for Depeche Mode.
DP : How did you meet him ?
SP : A musician friend referred me to him and I contacted him through MySpace and we met and he listened to my music and one year later I gave him all the elements of the entire album. I could not have finished this album without him. He made my dream a reality.
SP : Musically I am lam looking for the contrast between elctronic and human performance.
the definition of sur_electronique means beyond electronic. it’s very simple in the end, 
beyond electronic and technology there is only love. if we are lost that is the only place that we can come back to. the little wish behind the album is love.


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