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The Personal Case / dosage n°2 2009-2010


dosage n°2 presents,

Communication between the different elements of the individual musicians/artists.
Experiment on the case through finding their musical source.

vol.4 : 26/fév/10 Sayoko + Alan Boans

Since 1983 Alan Boans has developed a personal sonic language based on field recordings, sound art and installations. His work is to study methods of uprooting by observing weather and geography phenomena. He transforms and exploits the environment to extract an extensive mosaic of sound. His work based on assembled devices that are brought together to give rise to intuitive compositions, and bring out their qualities into micro-acoustic sonic virtuality with the aim of doing accepted temporal constructs and to fully exercise the capabilities of human auditory perception.

using : droning patterns, wire installations, bricks & stones, metal plates, air, pipes, walls, amplified objects, matouqin, revox, microphones, hydrophones & sensors and presence of live crickets.

Frederick Galiay présente ici quelques extraits d’une oeuvre qui, dans sa globalité, se situe entre la suite audiovisuelle, le concept album video et la fresque en mouvement. Sa construction peut faire penser à celle d’un recueil thématique de poèmes où chaque partie-tableau-page-mouvement aurait également une existence propre et un cheminement individuel. Plasticien et musicien, il aborde la vidéo ou plutôt, la composition audiovisuelle, comme une synthèse de ses démarches sonores et picturales, un aboutissement logique de ses travaux.

1) Alan Boans solo

2) Alan Boans + Sayoko (piano, voix, movement)

3) Frederick Galiay : IMPECCABLES CLIQUETIS D’INUTILITÉ (extraits)

vol.3 : 15/jan/10 *4Elements

Frederick G. (laptop, microphone)
Gaël A. (minimal batterie + objects, stones)
Nekohana (sonorisation)
Sayoko (bass, voix)

vol.2 : 20/nov/09 Frederick Galiay + Sayoko

The sound, shaped by the mental distance that proceeds a complete confrontation with the whole.

Frederick G. and Sayoko experiment 2 different sections of electronic and acoustic. Express their emotions of conflict and conflux into an eccentric-poetic field.

1) Acoustic : Frederick (bass, objects) + Sayoko (piano, voix)

2) Electronic : Frederick (AKS synthi ) + Sayoko (synthe, voix)

vol.1 : 30/oct/09 Gaël Angelis + Sayoko

Gaël A. brings his recent project “DeathByCar”/ doom metal & fields recording. The purpose is to create physical space/ air compression with a low octave bass and emotional/poetic space with fields reality (recording composition and amplified objects) to obtain new imaginary environment and to explore capabilities of human auditory perception.
Instrument : Low octave bass, amplifier, microphones, magnetic field, objects

Sayoko drops herself into the environment , plays the subtle and edge of dosage. Using her voices and piano.

La Société de Curiocités
9, cité des 3 bornes 75011 Paris
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images : Coco Carbon and Cat Sims



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