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Torso Biography


TORSO / experimental crochet by Sayoko Paris

Torso is the title of her creation. It used to be called Dosage which was born in N.Y.C., 1997.

After the experience of working as a stylist in Tokyo, she moved to N.Y. and started her dance skill and music again. She has spent her 90’s mostly there.
Also she’s got into making her stage costumes and off stage items. "Dosage" has started as her concept of music and style since then and so on. _ (album "dosage" was released on Tzadik records in 2000 ).
Like saying " as edgy as beautiful " containing contrast, contradiction etc...
The ultimate beauty exist a touch before overdoes.
In 1997, Dosage has forcused on crochet. The direction of intimate, combining the moment which never repeat and the mental system.
It’s played by using different texture of materials " natural " + "synthetic " which symbolizes her fascination of being united between human skin and robot metallic.

Dosage has appeared at If Soho, Xuly Bet NYC, Bond 07 by Selima, Body Worship, Jade by Christiane Celle and Discipline Tokyo by Take Hirakawa.

In March 2001 Paris, Dosage was invited to "Stylist Découverte / Who’s Next", had its installation at Salon Premiére Class.
In April 2003 Paris, Dosage was renamed to Torso separated from the musical project and had its exhibition at Galerie Simone.

Dosage has been sublimated into "TORSO" which contains a heart.

ToRso on TorSo

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