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ROBE de GèNE ● piano


• Dosage ’s new performance series at Théâtre de l’île st.Louis

Nieto (mise en scène / Sep.20)
Anja Ho (électronique, objets et voix / Jan 25)
Sayoko (piano & voix)
Stéphane S. (mise en son)

Sep /20 / 2016, 21:00 (20:30-)
Nov / 3 / 2016, 21:00 (20:30-)
Jan /25 / 2017, 18:30 (18:00-)

Théâtre d’île st.Louis
39 Quai d’Anjou 75004 Paris
(door opens 30min before the show for seating)

15 €/10 € with reservation

reservation :


• Dosage is the hypnotic poetry of fragile cinema sleeping on a bed of electro acoustic noise..
Dosage started in N.Y.C., releasing its debut album “Empties” on Tzadik Records produced by John Zorn. Dosage has three other albums released "Sur_Electronique", "Fondant à la Lune" and "The Frequency of Emotion" on Dosage Music, Paris. Sayoko, the creator of Dosage is a composer, poet and performance artist.

• Nieto is a Columbia-born film-maker and contemporary artist, influenced by latin-american philosopher Francisco Flores. He was expelled from l’École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2009. His film works are recognised internationally by obtainning numerous prizes and nominations. “Nieto’s Apocalypse (or drafts of a constipated miracle-maker)”, his solo exhibition had a remarkable effect at Galerie Da-End, Paris in 2016.

image• Sabine Delahaut

ROBE de GèNE n˚1 from Sayoko Paris on Vimeo.

ROBE de GèNE n˚2 from Sayoko Paris on Vimeo.

ROBE de GèNE n˚3 from Sayoko Paris on Vimeo.

Dosage Albums
n°1) Dosage / Empties : Tzadik Records, NYC
n°2) Dosage / Sur_Electronique : Dosage Music, Paris
n°3) Dosage / Fondant à la Lune : Dosage Music, Paris
n°4) Dosage / The Frequency of Emotion : Dosage Music, Paris

Dosage Films
PIXELISEE by Nieto & Sayoko

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