Sayoko is a Japanese composer, singer, musician, poet and performer
as well as the creator behind “Dosage” living in Paris.

• Her music is the hypnotic poetry of fragile cinema sleeping
on a bed of electro acoustic noise. – Anthony Bisset / Spectrum

• There is a delicate, limpid and slippery poetry in Sayoko’s composition,
as if her notes were gently laid on a thin, gauzy layer of ice. – Silvia Bombardini ASVOF


Classically trained in Japan from the age of 5, she went on to study contemporary dance
in New York and Paris for 10 years.
She has worked on a large number of diversely formatted projects, including dance, films and the curation of a successful monthly cultural event Vanilla in NYC, as well as the opening member of P.Picasso, the legend club in Tokyo.

Her début as Black Rays,
released the album on CTPP/Columbia Japan. (1998), produced by Mitsuo Shindo.
Her work as DOSAGE started in N.Y.C., releasing the 1st album
Empties on Tzadik Records, produced by John Zorn. (April. 2000)

She produced the 2nd album Sur_Electronique (Sep. 2008),
nominated at the Qwartz International Music Awards 6th edition.
The 3rd album Fondant à la Lune is the full expression of cellist Gaspar Claus and
Sayoko’s collaborative universe. (Oct. 2011)

The 4th of Dosage, The Frequency of Emotion , featuring the different texture of voices.  (Nov.11.2015)

The 5th album, Theory Of Pink, released on  Les Disques du Festival Permanent  (Oct.11.2019).

The 6th album, Atmosphère is Sayoko’s solo work from her sound diary in 2020, an epilogue to Dosage.  (April.11.2021)


Her compositions suggest the symbiosis of two polar opposites and play with their
contrasts creating a texture of subtle harmony and discord between acoustic
instruments, voice, synthe and noise. Together they draw the space with abstract lyrics
and novel sounds.


In 2010, she joined Winter Mass as a singer with Frederick Galiay (composition and bass)
and Jacques Di Donato (clarinet, percussion and objets who has played with Jaques Brel, Barbara,
Pierre Boulez..)
released their first album in Nov, 2015.

Dosage ’s performance series ROBE de GèNE took a place in fall 2016 -2017 at Théâtre d’Ile st. Louis, Paris

La Nuit Ronde, organised by Pink Room occurred in November 2017 at Studio Plus 30, Paris

UNIFORME, Dosage’s new performance takes off in 2019

WolfLand, created in Feb 2023 with Ravi Shardja (electronic bass), Sayoko (bass, voix) and Stéphane S. (sound effects)


In her film series, the first collaboration with a director Nieto, realized a short film PIXELISEE
produced by Paranoid.
PIXELISEE and TACHE PINK have been selected for the International Film Festival
ASVOFF 5 in 2012 .and MURMURE GRIS  for ASVOFF 6 in 2013 at Centre Pompidou.
As well as Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival for PIXELISEE.
LES CILS  / 2014, EXIT / 2017, SATIN / 2018, VELOURS / 2021, AMANTE BLANCHE CHAT BLEU  / 2021