1. Robe de Gène
2. Luxe en Brut
3. Marble
4. Toy_Mind
5. Green
6. Faux
7. Promesse de Chat
8. Mutant
9. Black Tear
10.Fondant à la Lune


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• artists

Buz : drums on 4,5,9
Satoru Ito : guitars on 5,9
Stéphane S. : samples on 1,2,6,9
Sayoko : vocals, bass, piano, synthe, guitar fx (on 3), programming

Estelle Goldfarb : violin on 1,6
Atsushi Numata : scratch on 2
Gaël Angelis : noise on 3
Dylan Fitzgerald : viola on 10
Paul Alexandre : sax, clarinet bass on 7,8


• production

recorded by Stephane S. at La Cour des Contes, Paris and N.Y.C.
mixed by Paul Kendall
mastered by Norscq
all songs are written and composed by Sayoko
produced by Dosage Music

cover esigne by  Videogramo

© 2008 Sayoko




a multifaceted musical project formed in n.y.c. in 1998, with Buz (drums), Yutaka Kawana (guitars), and Sayoko (vocals, bass).

First album « Empties » was released on Tzadik Records in 2000, produced by John Zorn’s 

« Powerful and hypnotic, Dosage has created a unique mix combining club music with heavy rock riffs, dub studio techniques, noise and sexy vocals.
Based in N.Y.C. these three young musicians take the classic format of guitar, bass, and drums to a whole new level with the aid of sampling triggers and outboad effects. Influenced by a wide variety of music, empties, their debut recording is a multifaceted peek into a trippy new world of sound. / Tzadik »

Sayoko’s move to Paris influences dosage’s evolution to new approaches (dosage/sur_electronique). Sayoko creates the intial concepts and compositions which are then finalized through valuable collaborations with original drummer Buz, guitarist Satoru Ito and samples by Stéphane S., as well as guest musicians Estelle Goldfarb / violin, Atsushi Numata / scratch, Paul Alexandre / sax and Dylan Fitzgerald / viola.

The second album « Sur_Electronique » is co-produced by recording engineer and art director Stephane S. whose rich musical experience and cultural sensibility contribute to the imaginative and mysterious universe of Dosage.

The mixing engineer Paul Kendall (engineer of Depeche Mode and many others) gave his magical touch to the completion of “Sur_Electronique”.




n°1) Dosage / Empties : Tzadik Records, NYC
n°3) Dosage / Fondant à la Lune : Dosage Music, Paris
n°4) Dosage / The Frequency of Emotion : Dosage Music, Paris

n˚5) Dosage / Theory of Pink : Les Disques du Festival Permanent, Paris

n˚6) Dosage / Atmosphère : Dosage Music, Paris

n˚7) Dosage / Envie : Dosage Music, Paris




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