A film by Sayoko Paris / Dosage Cinémusique series n˚4

Starring : Diane Pernet, Stéphane S., Günter and Sayoko

Murmure Gris is a title from the album DOSAGE / Fondant à la Lune.,
based on the composer Sayoko’s scenario.

“Inspired by “Tekkon kinkreet” (鉄コン筋クリート) by Taiyo Matsumoto which is originally the story of Kulo (Black) and Shiro (White). Here is a story of Kulo (Black) who is a double personality of men and women surrounded by untouchable Nezumi (Gray) and fictitious Momo(Pink). Each one is possessed by their own illusion / delusion. The minds extends the murmur which is crossing over, missing out, chasing another.. in the territory of Kulo, the Black twin.”

Gaspar Claus (Cello)
Sayoko (Piano, Vocals)

Stéphane S. (Recording engineer)
Paul Kendall (Mixing engineer)
Norscq (Mastering)

Noboru Tomizawa (Hair & make-up)
Yasu (Cinematographer / Tokyo shooting)

Special thanks to Iruka Mogi, Mari Tomizawa and Ali Janka

It has been nominated at the International Film Festival ASVOFF 6th edition 2013, screened at Centre Pompidou.



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